Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award slideshow

A celebration of penguins on the web, featuring the
award-winning photography of Kevin Schafer

This site is dedicated to penguins, those most unique and appealing of all birds. You can enjoy world-class photographs of penguins, learn something about the different species, and discover links to learn more information about them.

All the photographs on this site are by Kevin Schafer, selected from his recent book, Penguin Planet, published by Taylor Trade in the Fall of 2013 (paperback only). All of the images here are available as fine-art prints for home or office. They can also be licensed for commercial stock photo use.

Please note that all of the images on this site are protected by copyright law and permission is required to use them in any way - on-line or off - please respect this and contact us for any usage.

Copyright 2013 Kevin Schafer

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