Penguin Links

The following are links to other websites that feature penguins:

New Zealand Penguins - New Zealand has more species of penguins than any other country.

Boulder's Beach Guesthouse - One of the most delightful places to see wild African penguins, on a small beach just south of Cape Town.

Seabird Conservation, Birdlife International - An excellent site that covers seabird conservation issues worldwide, and has many links to other conservation sites.

Lindblad Expeditions - One of the best companies operating voyages to the Antarctic aboard the National Geographic Endeavour. They have excellent itineraries and good naturalists: be sure to look for voyages that include South Georgia Island - the finest penguin location on Earth.

Pete and Barb's Penguin Page - Pete and Barb Barham have an enormous penguin-related site, with lots of additional penguin links.

Kevin Schafer Photography - Please visit my general photography site, which has other pictures of penguins - and other wildlife from around the world.

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