Kid's Corner

This is a Rockhopper Penguin in mask that you can make at home! Here's how:

  1. Download the file by clicking here, then print it.

  2. The mask is in two pieces: one is the face - and the other is your penguin beak!
    (NOTE: You might want to copy these onto heavier paper for your mask.)

  3. Cut out the two pieces. Then carefully cut out the 2 eye holes, and the 4 small holes, in the mask.

  4. Fold the beak on the dotted lines, and attach to the face mask with tape. You'll have to fold the beak in half to make it look right!

  5. Take enough string to go around your head, and attach each end into the lower of the small holes. Now you should be able to put it on!

  6. Now take some extra strips of waste paper, color them yellow and stick them through the upper two small holes. These will give you the 'plumes' of a real Rockhopper penguin!